Integrity is an important Quaker value. It is not necessarily about telling the truth all the time, for example many Quakers in the Netherlands in World War II told lies in order to protect the safety of their Jewish friends. We would recognise integrity as a quality where a person's response to a situation can be completely trusted. Quakers would avoid acting from pure self interest. We believe that God will enable us to discern the right ethical choices in these situations and we trust to God's guidance for the route which helps us to maintain our integrity.

Many banks have Quaker origins (e.g. Barclays and Lloyds). The reason for this was the high regard that people had for the honesty and integrity of Quakers at a time when banking was often a profession occupied by unscrupulous individuals.

A challenge to Quakers comes from our own "Advices and Queries" where we are asked:

Are you honest and truthful in all you say and do? Do you maintain strict integrity in business transactions and in your dealings with individuals and organisations? Do you use money and information entrusted to you with discretion and responsibility? Advices and Queries: 37
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