Welcome to Quakers in Leeds!

Visitors of all faiths or none are welcome at any of our meetings. If you are looking for somewhere to worship in the Leeds area and are interested in trying Quakers, why not just come along?

You are very welcome to visit us, experience our Meeting for Worship and have a friendly chat.

If our style of worship doesn't suit you, that's fine. If you'd like to return and see how things go over a few weeks, that would be even better!

Just arrive at one of our Meeting Houses a few minutes before the start of the meeting (usually 10:45 am on Sundays). There will usually be someone on the door to shake your hand in welcome. Choose a seat anywhere in the meeting room.

Meetings last one hour and are usually silent. Quakers have no formal priests to lead worship. Occasionally, someone will stand up and say something briefly. You will not be asked to do or say anything.

The meeting is intended as a quiet, shared time for worship and meditation. Meetings vary in the amount of spoken ministry given - it depends on whether people feel moved to speak.

Sometimes meetings can be very profound, moving experiences. At the end of the meeting, you shake hands with the people sitting next to you. Usually there are a few administrative notices, followed by tea or coffee. You can stay and talk or leave straight away, as you wish. If you would like to find out more, there are introductory leaflets and information available at all our Meeting Houses.

Don't expect an easy definiton of Quakerism...

Quaker thought and practice has always refused to be contained in credal formulas or systems of belief. We don't offer neat creeds or doctrine. Instead, we try to help each other work out how we should live. All people are welcome and accepted at a Quaker meeting.

Quakers seek religious truth in inner experience and everyday life, rather than authority, ritual and ceremony.

Quakerism is not itself a religion nor is it, any longer, entirely accurate to describe it as a Christian denomination because many of our followers find no purpose in affirming or denying traditional Christian beliefs about God or Christ.

The Quakers are probably best described by their official title; we are a "Religious Society of Friends".

At the core of every Quaker's life is the Meeting for Worship. This is open to everyone. You'll find no sermons, just stillness and silence until someone is moved to speak. Nothing is prearranged - when a theme emerges in the meeting it simply springs from the living experience of the moment.

We look forward to meeting you!