For Guidelines around the death of a Friend please see this leaftet: Guidelines from the LAQM Burial Grounds Committee.

For more details about local Quaker Burial Grounds burials leaflet please see this leaflet:
Burial Grounds in Leeds Area Quaker Meeting Leaflet

Leeds Area Quaker Meeting Burial Grounds

Leeds Area Meeting is responsible for three Quaker Burial Grounds. Two of these are open for full use.

The Burial Grounds are, or have been, available to Friends and Attenders in Leeds Area Meeting, or to members of other Area Meetings living in Leeds area. (Also in some circumstances and by prior agreement to others.)  There are currently no charges for Friends using the Burial Grounds.

Adel Burial Ground is open for burials and the interment or scattering of ashes. Gildersome Burial Ground is open for burials and interment or scattering of ashes. Rawdon Burial Ground is only open for the interment or scattering of ashes of relatives of Friends already interred there.

Further information about using the Burial Grounds can be obtained from the Burial Grounds Administrator Peter Rice (0789 686 7593



Adel Burial Ground.

Adel Burial Ground is laid out formally, with each burial taking the next space.  There is no reservation of plots. Burials marked with a headstone must follow the traditional Quaker style, which is usually supplied by MA Clarke and Son of Lawnswood.   (

Ashes may be interred, either in the grave of a deceased relative or in a separate plot.  They may also be scattered in the rose garden. A line of memorial paving stones recording the placement of ashes is planned. The words on the paving stone must also follow the traditional Quaker style.

Rawdon Burial Ground

This is the oldest burial ground in the Leeds Area and is no longer open for new burials.  Ashes may be interred or scattered, if the deceased already has relatives in the burial ground.

Gildersome Burial Ground

This historic burial ground is now open for burials. Ashes may be interred or scattered.  Memorial stones must follow the Quaker style.

Natural or Green Burial Grounds

The nearest ‘Green’ burial ground is at Tarn Moor near Skipton

Funeral Directors

Friends are encouraged to support funeral directors who have committed to the Fair Funerals Pledge, initiated by Quaker Social Action.  A list of local funeral directors who have made this commitment can be found at

Leeds Area Quaker Meeting Trustees are responsible for the Leeds Quaker Burial Grounds. A Burials Grounds Committee oversees the upkeep and administration.  The name and contact details of the current convenor of that committee can be found inthis document. Any general or individual queries should be addressed to them.  When a Friend dies the Elders of the Local Meeting should be the first point of enquiry.

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