Circles of Support and Accountability are a means whereby sex offenders are helped to reintigrate back into the community on release from prison.  Volunteers are carefully selcted and trained to both support the ex-offender and to hold him/her accountable for their actions; any possibility of recidivism is dealt with by the professionals who support the Circle.

Circles have proved highly effective both in Canada, where they began 10 years ago, and in south-east England, in preventing re-offending and hence saving many further vicitms.

A Steering Group has begun to work towards setting up Circles of Support and Accountability in Leeds.  Once the ground work has been done there will be a need for Volunteers to participate in local Circles.  You may be interested in this; information will be posted on this site in due course.

See page 9 of September 2014 Quiet Word for full details and information on how you can volunteer.