2015 Annual Report and Accounts

2014 Annual Report and Accounts

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Leeds Area Quaker Meeting Trustees

Trustees are Friends appointed by Area Meeting for periods of three years (can be extended to a maximum of nine years) to look after the ‘nuts and bolts’ of the Area Meeting.  This includes supporting Area Meeting and Local Meetings in:

  • the care of properties and land
  • proper use of resources (i.e. consistent with the LAQM Governing Document)
  • compliance with applicable legal requirements (e.g. Health & Safety, Employment, Data Protection)
  •  reporting to the Charity Commission
  • management and use of Trust Funds, again in accordance with their charitable objects
If you have a particular issue you would like to raise, or would like to know more about the work of Trustees generally, please do get in touch with the Trustees of your Local Meeting, or contact the Trustees Clerk.

Trustees administer a fund - the Leeds Friends Action on Poverty Fund – which distributes money to organisations in Leeds which support people that face poverty at the most acute level.  This fund relies on donations from local Friends and attenders.

If you wish to donate to the Leeds Friends Action on Poverty Fund, please contact your Local Meeting Treasurer or the Trustees Clerk, address below. 

Trustees also administer Trust Funds on behalf of LAQM, making grants available to local individuals and groups for a variety of purposes, consistent with the charitable objects of LAQM:

·        Members of Leeds Area Quaker Meeting who are in financial need;

·        The upkeep and renovation of Quaker Meeting Houses in the Leeds area;

·        Voluntary and charitable organisations in the Yorkshire area, including non-Quaker groups.

If you wish to apply for a grant, please complete the attached form, and post or email it to the Clerk to Trustees. Applications by individual Friends would normally be supported by their Local Meeting. If you would like to discuss an application you are welcome to talk to your Local Meeting Trustees, or contact the Trustees Clerk.

LAQM Grant Application Form

                                  Martin Ford

Clerk of LAQM Trustees

Friends Meeting House, 188 Woodhouse Lane. LEEDS LS2 9DX