Trident: What shall we do?  A meeting for all Leeds Quakers to plan out peace witness against Trident

Historic Leeds Quaker peace witness:

Quaker flagQuaker arrests

Leeds Quakers have been involved with the peace movement for many years.   This included a number of visits to the Faslane Naval base some 30 miles north of Glasgow.  Protests were arranged at Faslane in 2006 and 2007.  The main focuss of protest was at a time when the government was considering if it should replace the Trident submarines which are used as a platform to launch the UK's Trident Nuclear missiles.  Quakers in Leeds, Yorkshire and the UK are opposed to all weapons of mass destruction, especially Nuclear weapons.  Quakers in Leeds led the protest made by Yorkshire Quakers in March 2007.  This involved many planning meetings being held at Carlton Hill Meeting House, as well as training events in non-violent protest.  There were two big protests that took place involving northern Quakers and on both occassion, about ten people were arrested, including many from the Leeds meetings. The photo's give an impression of what it was like to be making a Quaker witness for peace.  There were also local protests in Leeds to raise awareness of the issue.

umbrella protest
March 2007 protest outside Leeds Art Gallery
Quaker poppies
Quaker 'Peace Poppies' at Faslane, rememberance Sunday 2006
with friends
With friends and making a colourful protest.
Quaker Meeting for Worship at Faslane.
Leeds Quakers being arrested.
art gallery protest
Leeds Art Gallery protest.
Concord Peace Service
Concord Interfaith Peace Service at Carlton Hill saw the signing of
the peace flag prior to the March 2007 protest at Faslane.
Peace flag
Peaceful protest - waiting to be arrested.
Peaceful protestQuaker flag

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