Glenthorne family
Forty three Quakers from Carlton Hill enjoyed a trip to Glenthorne
glemthorne walk
A weekend of walks and worship - Glenthorne in background
Swarthmore Hall
Visiting Swarthmore Hall in Cumbria - the birthplace of Quakerism
Historic stairs at swarthmore
Too much to see and do at Swarthmore - view of the stair well!
Discovering Quakerism in Leeds often starts with Quaker Quest.
visisting cyclists
You are encouraged to arrive on foot, by bus, or bike......
Peace walk
Peace walk visits the Meeting House
Quaker allotments
Picking produce at the organic 'Quaker' alloments on Woodhouse Moor
Selling produce
Selling home grown organic produce for the benefit of other.
Fresh and organic for all to enjoy.
garden work party

Garden work party - gardening is done by volunteers.
community recycling
Community recycling at the Quaker House Flats
working hard
Working hard in the childrens group on a typical Sunday
Baking is the most popular activity for the children....
baking buns
More buns are needed
cleaning the bowl
Cleaning the bowl!
Exploring God
Exploring God - arranged by Woodbooke, the Quaker College.
Friday worship
Friday worship at the Meeting House.
coffee with Quakers
Coffee morning every Friday.
happy birthday
Happy Birthday - Lea Keeble, the waden, cuts her cake.
Enjoying a shared breakfast before Sunday Meeting for Worship.
A shared vegetarian lunch every month.
discussion group
Small discussion groups - a shared of ideas and thoughts.
welcoming a new member
Welcoming a new member to the meeting.
A Quaker Business Meeting is facilitated by the Clerks.
Making music
Making music which is enjoyed by both young and old alike.
x-mas party
Party games at christmas - the 'chocolate game' is in progress.
Laughing with friends
Laughing with friends.
xmas breakfast
Christmas Day breakfast at the Meeting House.

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